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All the time

I'm a beautiful happy go lucky type of woman. I think about sex like a man. I love toys, foreplay , role playing and threesomes. Watching sex makes me super horny. I love this type of thing. My fantasy is being with 2 men.

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Posted On 04/24/2014 02:46:48 by juicy1982
Friendly Advice

Evening everyone, my hubby and I have discussed our interest in the lifestyle for at least two years now, but for one reason or another (mainly nerves and uncertainty) we've yet to take the first step. I ran accross Colette online a year or so ago, and after taking a stroll through the website I am so wanting to attend. Well, my sweetie finally (like today) dropped the oportunity into my lap. This weekend he says, how about Saturday night he says, it's Mardi Gras he says. Well no shit sherloc ... Read More

Posted On 02/26/2014 23:25:34 by SinfullyNaughty
Buy your tickets now!

Mardi Gras Ball/ BLT tickets are available for purchase online NOW!!  

Pick your city and Purchase them at

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Posted On 01/15/2014 23:37:09 by colettecouple
Saturday Night

Would love to meet some of my new friends/potential new friends on Saturday night at Colette's with my hot date!!! It will be my first time there and I'm ready to meet, mingle, drink, and explore my sexual curiosity!! So if you know of a sexy teacher that could give me a private lesson on the topic of FF then send them my way!!! I also need help completing a recipe I've been dying to try. I'm sure everyone knows it........ménage a trois??? It's pret ... Read More

Posted On 01/02/2014 08:04:59 by asian282001
Halloween Bash!

Halloween Bash 2013

Costume Contests for Cash and


Devilish Surprises

Lots of Erotic, Wicked Fun

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Posted On 10/18/2013 11:35:31 by colettecouple

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Collete swingers club