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Community Noob

So I'm just getting into the community and am curious as to the process for getting in and making some friends to see where all the fun is. I don't know if it's better off just hitting up the club or finding people on here first and trying to make some friends! I'd be up for organizing something or inviting some people out. I'm a single male but looking for a special girl to spend some time with so if there are any cute girls out there looking hit me up :P.


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Posted On 06/15/2014 19:56:01 by beeg4328
First-time curious couple

We went to last event it was our first time we have been thinking going for a while we always wanna to go be honest for me I felt kinda weird  even  that the staffs was pretty awesome I felt like a fish out of water but my wife in the hand love it ,, and she is bi curious she will love to fucked a woman with gorgeous Tata and me well who man don't wanna have 2 gorgeous womens in even if is just to look '' we talk to few couple  myself like 2 of them ,, we would try to hook up b ... Read More

Posted On 05/27/2014 17:26:49 by pinkynthebrain
memorial day

Is anyone planning to go to colette New Orleans on March 24th? Wondering if there will be a nice crowd? 

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Posted On 05/11/2014 19:43:11 by lovepussila
Colette is great, but nerves......

When hubby and I arrived at Colettes tonight, the ladies at the front were so sweet, all the employees were in fact. With the rain going on, and it being our first time visiting I was already a nervous wreck. Going in, and getting all the formalities out of the way was a breeze. It was when we were sitting at the bar taking it all in that my nervousness got the better of me. Silly me, knowing my stomach was in knots, hadn't eaten anything all day practically, and putting alcohol into it did n ... Read More

Posted On 05/10/2014 03:02:13 by SinfullyNaughty
All the time

I'm a beautiful happy go lucky type of woman. I think about sex like a man. I love toys, foreplay , role playing and threesomes. Watching sex makes me super horny. I love this type of thing. My fantasy is being with 2 men.

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Posted On 04/24/2014 02:46:48 by juicy1982

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Collete swingers club